The BIOVAL project is a joint project of EUFJE, IMPEL, ENPE, and KU Leuven and intends to create a non-binding, practical instrument to value ecological damages.
We aim at collecting information about practices concerning both punishment (i.e. defining the type and level of sanction) and compensation/restoration.

Similar instruments are used to assess compensation amounts or to calculate sanctions for health, material, economic, and ecological damages.

For example, the Belgian "Indicative Table" for human and material damage’ that was set up by judges and is accepted and used as the standard in all Belgian courts for many years.

As another example, hunting laws in multiple Spanish regions include compensation amounts when certain animals are illegally killed.   
In Finland, a price list for fauna and flora exists that is used to calculate the compensation.   

While valuing fauna and flora in monetary terms is a complex challenge, we still consider it a useful exercise. The major advantages of using such a valuation instrument in administrative, civil or criminal procedures would be the greater legal certainty and the shorter case duration.  It may also lead to more equal treatment of similar cases assessed in different contexts (different regions, different courts, different procedures...).   Initially, the scope of the BIOVAL project will be limited to the valuation of wild fauna / vertebrates.

In a first stage, we try to find and examine existing price list systems in EU Member States.

An online survey has been launched, focusing on 3 species: wolf, starling and red kite.


Later on, the networks want to publish, disseminate and organise trainings on the instrument.